Life Tabernacle Existing Activities At Battersea Church

Community Services
1. Sunday Church services catering for diverse communities
i) For Filipinos
ii) For Families and mixed groups
iii)For Latinos
iiii) For Koreans

2. Sunday School classes catering for mixed group of pupils from the communities around Battersea

3. Youth Service & Café catering for young people up to the age of 30 where they grow in relationship as Christians and socialise together

4. Youth Club is a weekly activity based gathering where youths learn social skills, play games, musical instruments and other creative skills

5. Over 60s Club – Where 60 plus members and those in the community meet and share their experiences

6. Ladies Gatherings for prayer and socialising etc.

7. Men’s Gatherings for prayer and socialising etc.

8. Singles Gatherings for socialising and expression of their gifts

9. Saturday School for those pupils that have been marginalised in the society

10. Weddings/ Funerals/ Baby Dedications/ Christian Counselling

11. Community Engagement Summer Gatherings

12. Civic meetings