This Is Our Story 
The Journey Of Life Tabernacle Church

From renting halls around Battersea, an opportunity arose for us to purchase Battersea Tabernacle.  

At the time the congregation of the church was made up of approximately 25 people. The cost of the building in 1974 was £21,000 a figure which seemed impossible as the average wage of an individual was £30.00 per week. The challenge was brought before the church by our then pastor the late Rev James Dallas. The option laid before us was to either take out a mortgage or purchase the building outright. Pastor Dallas encouraged the people to take the step in faith and that he felt we purchase the building cash. With sacrificial giving amongst all the members, we were able to purchase the building now known as Life Tabernacle lovingly known as the Tab. At that time £21,000 seemed like £3 Million but look at what can be achieved when we all pull together.

Now another great opportunity lies before us to facilitate the vision, growth, and expansion of Life Tabernacle. We have been presented this great opportunity to purchase Croydon Spires (Inspired) at a cost of £3.75 Million. Again this looks like an impossible situation but the same God who did it before is still able.

We believe the same sacrificial spirit that helped purchase Life Tabernacle can move in our hearts once again so we can fulfill the vision.

  We have people pledging a one-time offering and others giving weekly and monthly through donations and pledges. If we do what we can – God will do the rest.

As an international church, we believe that God is wanting to use us to reach into our community, connecting with individuals who need to experience the love of God. 

Our mission statement is: “Leading individuals into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ by demonstrating the love of God. Fostering discipleship, making connections and empowering for service”.

We need your help through your prayers but also through your giving. You can contribute using PayPal or bank transfers, cheque or cash (please refer to “ways to give” section on the website).