Croydon’s population is the largest in London at approximately 363,400 with one of the fastest growing black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in London. Croydon’s communities speak more than 100 different languages and 45% of the population from a BME background. While the borough’s residents are ageing, it also has the largest population of young people in London​​ 

As a partnership, there are challenges for all agencies and these include:

- Addressing the deprivation experienced by people living in the borough, in particular
wards in the north as well as New Addington and Fieldway

- Tackling violent crime, especially domestic abuse and serious youth violence

- Tackling anti-social behaviour including hate crime and fear of crime

- Tackling growing social pressures including child poverty, lack of affordable housing
and a rising trend in homelessness

- Address the underlying causes that prevent communities from becoming cohesive,
integrated, resilient and active

- Tackling youth unemployment and targeting areas of the borough with high economic inactivity

- Providing opportunities for people especially those aged between 16 – 24 to be in
education, training or employment

- Helping businesses to survive and thrive in Croydon, including support for small to
medium enterprises

- Ensuring Croydon is promoted as a place for investment, economic growth and 
employment opportunity

- Strengthening the resilience of individuals and families with complex needs such as
poor mental and physical health and drug and alcohol problems

- Tackling health inequalities across the borough including obesity in children and adults